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Club Miata NW

Stevens Pass pre-run
By Jeff Dunning
Posted on 5/29/2016 6:16 PM
Pass elevation sign
On a somewhat rainy/drizzly day, Karen and I made sure all the great roads are still there.
We started at a new place near the Red Hook Brewery.
This has espresso, real bathrooms and nice parking.
Once we get going, turn at the big tree . This is somewhere in the Snoqualmie valley. I checked and the big bike ride on Saturday is further south so we may have open roads.
Big Tree
A few more turns and we hit Ben Howard road. Ben Howard never disappoints, even in the wet. Today there was zero traffic and I was able to stretch my legs. This is the infamous turn that has claimed more than one CMNW Miata. So please don't be number three.
Ben Howard Road
Along the Index-Galena road, this corner is especially problematic. It is after a long straight and then a decreasing radius curve. Karen is handling it well. Sometimes there is a pile of gravel from cars cutting it too close.
After the bathroom pitstop in Index, we pass over this bridge then hop on Highway 2 for a ways.
Index Bridge
Our destination. 
Stevens Pass
There is a small convenience store with packaged food, drinks, espresso and even ice cream. Pick up a t-shirt if you need one. You can also find real bathrooms in the main lodge. Since the mountain biking has not started, we should have the balcony all to ourselves. I just hope it is not too hot. Bring your sunscreen!
After lunch, maybe some treats in Leavenworth? or? Your choice.
See you Saturday, June 4th at 9:00.