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Club Miata NW

Stevens Pass picnic
By Jeff Dunning
Posted on 6/4/2016 9:18 PM
What a great drive today, thanks all for participating. We had the following CMNW members show up:
Carla and Carrie; Jim; Dave and Sue; Heather; Steve; Geniece and Sharon; Suzanne and Tracey; Tom and Tina; AJ and Vicki; Alan; Eric; and Zeke. Special thanks for Carla and her caboose duties.
Early birds. It was already hot at 8:15.
Drivers meeting, We performed introductions and rules (rules?, there are no rules). 
Time to get going. It only looks like all red cars. There were others as well, except no blues. There were a few NA's, lots of NB's and NC's and a single ND. EVERYBODY had tops down. This was going to be a great Miata day.
The pitstop was in Index, a little long in the saddle for some, but the roads were nice and open. Only got behind a few trucks at the end of Ben Howard and Index-Galena. No incidents, no visits from the Man and lots of f;un turns.
Traffic jam at Index--time to get going to the Old Cascade Highway. 
Stevens Pass. I think it was approximately 9,436 degrees at the lodge. We all found some shade to eat in--some up on the balcony, others down below. Yes, there is still some snow up there but nobody saw any summer skiers. We reluctantly got back in the car and headed back home but not until...
We found the most narrow suspension bridge in King County. This is nerve wracking but super cool. Only Miatas with stock suspension can fit above the wood curb in the center.
See you at the next drive!
Jeff and Karen Dunning